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For Michelle with Two ll's

Project Type

Mixed media photography and painting


2020 - 2023

Recent work from 2023 has found me ripping paper and photographs, Then the photographs are put back together with a space in between the rips. Further evolution of the process includes painting in between the rips or painting jagged "rips "onto the paper. I have been playing around with landscapes and the horizon line in these pieces. Form and conceptual function often go hand in hand for my work. I enjoy work where form and process can be just as engaging as the concept or story behind the work. I like work with more than one meaning, because I like layers and considering the grey area of life.

I have considered the concept of Asian rage that came up during 2023 with the television series "Beef". As a model minority, Asian rage has been a part of the experience probably since Asians came to the United States, but it was interesting to see it portrayed and brought to the foreground recently.

When I was a child, there was a Michelle with two ll's that stayed with my family for a period of time. My father was a lifetime supporter of immigrants and helping them find their place here in America. Unfortunately for Michelle, she took over my bedroom and I was angry at having to share. I expressed this rage in a surpressed and controlled way. Perhaps surpressing rage does more harm than good?

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