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Besides my art process, I really enjoy freelance work and special projects. Here are a few services I am currently offering. Please contact me if you want to learn more details.

Custom Photography/Painting

Turn a photograph into a watercolor print painting.  Through Photoshop, editing and hand painting, I create an original work.  This is related to my own artwork process as I navigate layers and memory.

I also enjoy turning photographs of homes into a custom gift.

Digital Media, Website and Marketing

Hire me for a special project or your creative website. I recently upgraded my skills with a Digital Marketing Certification from University of Oregon.  I have experience in crating a branding plan, personalizing websites, photographing people, spaces and creating content both written and visual. I often use Wix and can add creative content like videos to increase audience engagement.

To learn more specifics about my experience and past projects, please contact me.

Creative Production Space

Rent my small photography studio or home spaces for your next photo shoot or film. My photography studio is small and used generally for headshots and branding photos. The house space is large and is an excellent choice for branding photos and helping you tell a story. You can find out more by clicking here.

Gallery Wall/Framing

Create a gallery wall in your home or offices utilizing your own pieces or let me help to source your inspiration. I am often fascinated by what photography and art people collect.  Organizing and editing what works in a space is often how you can begin to create a collection or discover your style.  Projects generally include installation and can also involve framing.

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